Memorism Processor

Description of Business

Below is a description of what we do at Advanced Original Technologies.

Business Model

  • The sale and licensing of intellectual property of memory-integrated processors (Memorism Processors), which are designed to upgrade information detection processing and renew von Neumann-type processors.
  • The sale and licensing of Memorism Processors peripheral technologies, such as GUI, library, and SDK.
  • The sale of systems and products that use Memorism Processors.
  • The joint development of the above.
  • Consultation on information detection technology upgrades.

Previous initiatives

The imminent arrival of big data, AI, and IoT societies, coupled with the limitations of semiconductor miniaturization technology, has boosted global research on computers based on a new concept.
One such example in the semiconductor field is the case of memory-integrated processors called in (near) memory computing or process in memory.

We anticipated the arrival of this era and, since our founding in 2010, have worked on R&D and the implementation of a memory-integrated processor—the Memorism Processors —that could take over “processing with data(information) detection,” one of the processes that CPUs and GPUs struggle with the most and for which there is a high demand.
This is our company’s original initiative that does not exist anywhere else in the world. It has a wide range of applications, from general data to image data, and is patented both in Japan and abroad.

Memorism Processors promote a renewal of computers that literally modernizes the information processing industry. With this technology, we will contribute to the creation of user and environmentally friendly computers.

The ASIC of image recognition AI chip

Through NEDO’s AI chip development project, conducted between October 2019 and March 2020, we completed the RTL and GDS (IP) of the ASIC of the image recognition AI chip (2D-SOP).
Our tests showed that the recognition performance of the ASIC of the 2D-SOP is as much as 10,000 times higher than that of the CPU of laptops (TDP of about 15W) and has a power consumption of about 1W during operation.

We sell the ASIC IP to companies that feel that their current image recognition technology is falling behind.

Please contact us if you are interested.

Simplification of software development

Since the search processing of conventional databases requires an index and optimization (tuning), constructing a system was seen as something that only database specialists could do.
In August 2020, we demonstrated that even non-specialists can construct a database search system using the DBP processor.
These characteristics not only shorten the development period of database systems and reduce the development costs, but also allow general engineers (programmers) to use the database more easily.

Liberation from the index is one of the greatest contributions of Memorism Processors that lives up to the expression “modernization of information processing.”


Thanks to the collaboration with DRAM-specialized companies in November 2020, we now have the prospect for the development of a memory with a data search function.
This memory has the same shape as the memory module of general PCs, but it features an ultra-fast data search function.
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