Memorism Processor

Memorism Processor

AI, IoT, and Big Data-based societies are coming.
Computers must be renewed to meet modern needs.

Memorism Processors take over the processing that CPUs and GPUs struggle with,
and promote a renewal of computers that literally modernizes the information processing industry.

Memorism Processors
Explained in videos

What are the "Memorism Processors" that can detect information thousands of times faster than a conventional CPU?
See the videos below for a quick explanation.

What are the Memorism Processors?

Why are the Memorism Processors so fast?

What is a good Application
by the Memorism Processors?

What is the modernization of information processing by the Memorism Processors?

Memorism Processors

Memorism Processors take over the processing that CPUs and GPUs struggle with, and dramatically improve the performance and function of information processing.

Product explanation

There are three types of Memorism Processors.
They are all many thousands of times more powerful and faster than conventional CPUs.

SOP Set Operating Processor

Specialized in detecting the desired pattern from images or texts.

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DBP DataBase Processor

Specialized in searching or collating the desired data record from general big data.

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XOP Cross Operating Processor

Specialized in data comparison.

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