Memorism Processor

(DataBase Processor)

The DataBase Processor (DBP) is a processor specialized in searching or collating the desired data record from general big data.

DBP’s chip configuration

DBP is a processor specialized in searching or collating the desired piece of data from general big data.
This DBP has a chip configuration that drastically increases the column width of general memory, with a large number of super space-saving operators inserted at the end of the data line, which fundamentally solves the problem of search processing.

Data search with the DBP

Data search with the DBP has the following characteristics:

The DBP detects and outputs the record as a self-contained unit.
This eliminates the burden on the CPU and DB development.

Examples of DRAM-type DBP

Since it requires no index, there is no need for pre-processing, update processing, or even index optimization (tuning), which makes possible true real-time processing.
The DRAM-type DBP executes 64 billion records and five-condition searches in less than 100 milliseconds/1 CPU with no index and no tuning.

The DBP can be used as a general database, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), full-text search, web search, and a search engine of big data analysis and mining, and has a wide set of applications including servers, PCs, and specialized equipment (see the technical manual for details).